Sunday, April 11, 2004

A Glimpse

I know I promised these sometime last week, but just haven't had the time to make good. There is no such excuse at the moment. My favorite, I think, is the last one.

All in all, we all (the Z. family and I) had quite a time on the highways and byways of Scotland. Neither K. nor I had seen much of Scotland that lay north of Glasgow, so it was nice to feel a bit adventurous for a change. It also felt very good indeed (too good, in fact) to drive again -- even if I was on the 'wrong' side of the road and car. Those of you who have driven with me back in the States, I realize, are cringing at this thought, considering how erratic of a driver I am on the 'right' side of the car and road. A friend of mine, who is typically the worst backseat driver you'll ever have in a car, once told me that he didn't mind me driving, but only because of an uncanny spell of luck I seem to have when behind the wheel. Oncoming cars would magically disappear . . . gaps miraculously widen . . . etc.: the highway was my Red Sea. Thankfully, good fortune must've followed me over the ocean because by the end of the week I'd managed to hit only one curb whilst parking (not bad for me). Heh -- though I suspect my general disdain for the brake pedal took more than a few years off K.'s mom's lifespan. Hmm . . .