Thursday, April 22, 2004

And We All Say . . . . "AMEN!"

Neal Pollack has a secret ear to George W. Bush's prayer life:

Heavenly Father, give me the power to try to change what I cannot, and to not change what I can. Give me the strength to believe what is obviously false. And grant me the lack of wisdom not to know the difference.

In the name of the Saudi government, with whom I cynically and unlawfully struck a pre-war deal, and in the name of the money that went to planning a then-secret war in Iraq when it was supposed to go toward rebuilding Afghanistan, and in the name of Congress, which was not aware that it had appropriated funds thusly, and in the name of many good people whose reputations have been sullied by my political operatives because they dared tell the truth, and in the name of the American soldiers who have died or will die because of my administration’s greed and arrogance, especially the ones whose tours of duty have been extended even though they’re exhausted and injured, and in the name of the Iraqi women and children who died during the siege of Fallujah, and in the name of all the civilians from all the world’s countries who have died and will continue to die because of my willful bungling of the War On Terror, which I single-mindedly believe that you, Father, have chosen me to lead, let me say: Amen.