Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Dubya is Gonna Tap That Ass

Christopher Monks is filling in for Neal Pollack over on The Maelstrom, and he's in fine form. It is your duty as a sexy citizen of the world to get bump 'n grind your sexy self over there and read his estrous odes to the President's State of the Union address last night. A sample:

The Course of Our Lovemaking

The course of our lovemaking
Does not depend
On the decisions of
So I shall
Tap, Tap
Tap that ass

You can be confident
That in a whirlwind of change
And hope
And peril
Our faith is sure
Our resolve is firm
And my need to go downtown on you is strong

God Bless America
Let's go have some hot sex.

When you've finished that, check out his blog, too. The story of his mix tape from 1992 is absolutely priceless.