Sunday, January 19, 2003

Brothahs and Sistahs, I feel the groping of the Lord!

With it being a Sunday and all, the Day of the Lord, if you will; and with our existence as righteous Americans -- is there any other kind (well, except for treasonous liberals like those in the media!)? -- in peril because of the dastardly, megalomaniacal misdeeds of Sadaam Hussein -- is it just me, or has he put on a bit of weight since our last war --and his eleven empty chemical weapon casings, I thought that perhaps I, a man of the cloth, as it were, preferably silk, should take pause for a moment and think of the children. Yes, the children. Thank heavens, truly, for our friends at Truth for Youth. Where would today's youth be without the complex ballast they provide in world gone mad. Shrewd as snakes, their richly colored tales belie the black and white world we followers of the Good Book can see and judge the world. Praise be He who provides Truth for Youth with their stencils and inks. Surely, God is on our side in the forthcoming battle. He must be, right?

Update: Slushfactory has the article about these comics that I've been looking for since Sunday. If you found the comics interesting, enlightening, redemptive, or appalling -- any or all of these -- take a look at Brian Jacks' analysis.