Wednesday, April 09, 2003

One Shining Moment ... blah blah blah

Silentio's man-in-the-stands, or at least in front of his black & white television, is not happy. If you've been following his ongoing coverage of this year's NCAA men's basketball coverage, you probably already know that he was only begrudgingly watching this past weekend's Final Four. Fortunately for us, he's a slave to responsibility, and he actually sent me a a report I, quite honestly, was not expecting to receive. Yes, I know the report is a couple of days late; but, then again, if I remember correctly all of them have been. (Note to guest blogger: this is more my fault than that of our anonymous guest. He is a busy man, but I have no such excuse.) Those of you who read these reports, I realize, don't do so to find out who won; consequently, you each (I'm assuming a plurality, though this may overestimating my readership) read them with different motivations, emphases, etc. (N.t.g.b: you never knew you were so inherently postmodern, did you?) So, without further ado . . .

* * * * * * *

I hate Roy Williams. [ed. It's raw emotion throughout, folks. He has long had an irrational hatred for coaches who can't win the big one. Prepare yourself.] Honestly. [ed. Oh yeah, just like last time. Ooooo, me gusto -- la sexualidad salvaje --- una frase corta.] I mean you're facing the worst coach in college basketball -- Jim Boheim is the biggest choke artist in Div. I basketball, consistently allowing the ball to be in the wrong players hands --- and you still lose to him. Doubt me on this? [ed. What? That you hate Roy Williams? That Jim Boheim is the biggest artist in Div. I basketball? Or that Roy Williams lost to Jim Boehim?] Syracuse blew a 16 point lead, and down the stretch the best free throw shooter in the Big East conference doesn't touch the ball. And Kansas still can't win. Head to Chapel Hill if you want Roy, people will start to think Matt Dougherty was a great coach. [ed. Oh ho ho, you're a tricky one! Here I was trying to poke fun, and you responded to all three of my questions!!]

So Jim Boheim has finally given us the ultimate apologetic on whether evil exist or not. Only in a universe tainted by sin could he win a national title. Congratulations however, to the Duany family. Too bad they couldn't have won the national title with Duany Duany, when he played for a much better coach. Dick Bennett, at Wisconsin. Duany Duany, still love that name. Syracuse won, world did not end; but my desire for NCAA basketball may have died this night. Some of us are not so lucky to be studying abroad in these dark days. [ed. Studying? Ha. I was holed up in a Belgian cafe last night watching Manchester United get utterly outclassed by Real Madrid!]