Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Collegiate Slave Labour -- It's Faaaaaaaaaan-tastic

Our intrepid basketball fan -- who, by the way, I'm just trying to piss off with such an abrasive title for his post -- braved through a bout of Montezuma's Revenge to get this post written. Dedication... and they say people of my generation don't have it.

* * * * * * *

So, yeah, as I said in my other posts, the Big East is overrated; well that is if you ignore the fact that all four of its teams are in the sweet 16. As for more information on my life of love, it interfered, but in a good way, with my normal game watching. I ended up watching Sunday's third set of games on the web at Ball State while she was there taking a quiz. [ed. What did I say, people? Dedication!] The decision to go to dinner where we could watch the rest of the games turned out, though, to be disasterous. As we left the computer lab, Auburn had just taken a lead against Wake, and Xavier had cut Maryland's lead to four. But, of course, what was playing at the Texas Roadhouse? Texas-Purdue. No flip-over to the closer games either. Plus somebody on staff must of thought it would be cute to flip the channel to QVC, probably the same joker who made my chicken and left me with food poisoning.

A couple of notes of interest from the weekend. (1) The Cornette's have two sons playing in the tournament. One in Anaheim with Notre Dame, the other with Butler in Albany [ed. No, I don't have a clue what he's talking about either!]. (2) Butler played with much more intensity then Louisville, and Archey was unconcious in what he was doing from the 3-point stripe [ed. The mind doth wonder at all the possibilities -- some of them are, I'm a bit bewildered to admit, a bit prurient -- of said Archey's doings behind that stripe. Man, I'm going to have to start reading ESPN.com just to understand what the hell is on my own site! That, or just get my head out of the gutter when reading guest blogger's posts.]. (3) If I were a parent paying tuition to Butler I would be a bit disturbed that the word dogs is written DAWGS on the cheerleaders uniforms. [ed. Better than "Bitches," I guess.]

(4) Next up for Notre Dame and Butler are, respectively, the #1 seeds of Arizona and Oklahoma -- with parity where it is right now, I believe they both could be knocked off. (And of course I'm rooting against Lute.) (5) The two teams I liked from the beginning in the West and the East, Duke and Oklahoma, are still alive; so based on the previous posts, I've just doomed them both to an immanent defeat.

You know, Rick Majerus is the unluckiest man in basketball, as it seems every tournament bracket has to lead his Utes into a showdown with UK. Nothing different this year at all -- same game, same result. Man, UK is just walking through this tournament, and I think they'll walk through Minneapolis as well.

Biggest surprises after the first weekend? Wisconsin still alive. Renee Zellwegger not best actress. [ed. She obviously did not have everybody at "Hello."] Michael Moore unable to take a good moment and leave it at that. The response to Bowling for Columbine winning was similar to critical response to Roger and Me. [ed. Too bad it's not nearly as good though. Much funnier, sure, but that's about it.] And his speech? We'll this is the man who brought us Canadian Bacon. [ed. Oh, well, now you're just being mean. And by the way, didn't you recommend that movie to me way back when -- or, was that just payback for that horrible Teri Hatcher boob-flick I told you to rent?]

Back Saturday to preview the Elite.