Thursday, January 01, 2004

Out With the Old. In With the New

It's getting late here in Belgium, and I've yet to recover from my evening of hell in Leuven -- it's not worth blogging about, trust me -- but I just wanted to say, because I'm so bad about doing it in person, or on phone, or in emails, Happy New Years everybody. I hope your celebration did not find you stuck in the freezing cold with narry a taxi to be found (and when you thought you found one, the driver turned out to be, in fact, a dick who plead ignorance as to your destination and drove away in haste) and facing the prospect of an hour-long walk to the nearest available warm bed. No, I wish none of that on you.

Oh, unrelatedly, but while I'm thinking about it. I just watched the finale of World Idol, and while it was complete and utter crap, and not even the utter crap that I find enjoyable, part one on Christmas Day more than prepared me for that expectation. Nevertheless, congratulations to the Norweigan troll who won. With luck, we'll all see him on top of every school kid's pencil, his blonde hair baroque with erratic tangles and twirls. Just kidding, he was a good singer. Huzzah!