Thursday, June 19, 2003

All is Quiet

Since returning to Glasgow on Tuesday, I've been surprisingly busy -- hence the blogging silence of late. Between reading more than I'd like of and about Samuel Coleridge's Biographia Literaria, trying to track down the absentee advisors who requested I visit this week, job hunting for Katrien, and trying to finally get published a queer paper on Blaise Pascal and gambling I wrote a few years ago, it's been been a busy few days.

This, of course, isn't to say I've not had my fair share of diversions, it's just that none of them have included sitting down at the computer and formulating something halfway interesting or intelligent -- lately, I'd settle for a quarterway readable. Instead, (via Page Three, where I recently learned I was a 'Blog of the Week') I've been playing with my brand spanking new nation state, The People's Republic of Blanchot. Rarely have I felt like such a nerd.