Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Egads! Has it been that long??

My goodness, has it been a week? A full seven days since I last posted that delightfully obscure story about My New Enemy. Since then, I've fled the mean streets of Glasgow for the poop-stained streets of Brussels, with a veritable library of books on Coleridge (don't ask!), rhetoric, and irony in tow. (By the way, Harold Bloom is a loon!!) Both of my advisors are back from their respective study-leaves, and, who would've guessed, they have this crazy notion that I should have some work to show them! Fancy that. I say all this, one, to explain (in part) my blogging absence; and secondly, to let it be known that the regularity of blogging updates will be spotty. For all I know, they may go on unabated, making the previous week's a violent aberration on a pretty good record of potty-mouthed invective and uncouth statements about Natalie Maines; but they just as well may diminish to a mere trickle, making the previous week's silence a disturbing Kabbalistic foretaste of things to come. Time, the general level of my daily productiveness, and the ability / willingness to mine my mind for something deliciously scabrous shall tell this particular tell. Please stay tuned.